Thursday, November 02, 2006

Never too l8!

First of all, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone. If ever I hurt anybody physically, mentally or psychologically, I would like to take this opportunity to actually apologize and say Maaf Zahir Batin. I know, it's been more than a week since Eid, but well, it's never too late right?

Moving on..I have been extremely busy lately. Haven't had the time to catch my breathe, sit down and update my blog for this past month. Hari raya for me was a blast but it wasn't as perfect as I expected it to be. No, no, I did not get into any fights or arguments with anybody. Work hasn't been treating me well. I was called-back early in the morning on my first of Hari Raya to help out on the new system the company is implementing. Wrong, wrong, very wrong timing. I was pissed. My backup was nowhere to be found, not until noon, regardless the fact that he's Indian and he's not celebrating Hari Raya. My mom was crying in the car, stopping me from going to work. My phone kept ringing, saying "Sanmina". What should I do then? Between work and family. My mom to be exact. Finally, I had to sacrifice. Tried giving as many reasons as possible to my Project Manager for not showing up to work on my public holiday. It turned out fine at the end of the day. My back-up person was forced to come up to the plant and I got to celebrate my raya peacefully, for the 1st 2 days at least.

2nd day of Hari Raya. Yes, I received few calls in the morning from the plant. Managed to handle them well. Yea haa! I switched off my cellphone..haha. We got to hold our Hari Raya Open House for family, friends and colleagues. It was crazy, but heck yea, the more the merrier! It was a good day with good food and good company.

Next day. Worst raya day ever. I was stuck in the office the whole morning, evening until midnight. No kidding! Reached home at 12.20am. Pictures? Na'ah..did not even have the time to reach out for my camera on this one day. *sob sob* plans made with some friends had to be cancelled and postponed to the next day..

4th day of Hari Raya is indeed the most peaceful Hari Raya for this year. Finally, my director approved my leave for a day and a half and i got to spend my sweet time with family and friends on Hari Raya. The best thing was, Hubby came to Kuching on that very day and it can't be any more perfect than having all my loved ones around during this special celebration.

The rest of the days of my Hari Raya were perfect. Went out to some relatives' and friends' houses, spend some leisure time outside with Hubby and got to introduce him to most important people in my life. So yea..there goes my raya. It wasn;t perfect but the feeling of having your loved ones around on this special day is definitely what I've been longing for for this past 4 years. With this, I'll just share some of the pictures out of the many pictures that we took on Hari Raya. Babe, I still wish you guys were here..

Me and my lovely sisters in green

Me and my x-classmates. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

The girls at my crib

The couple la kan..

My best gurl in Kch. *hugs* Haha..

Beautiful Friends

@ Fazlin's place

Ehem ehem..

Currently I am in my room, waiting for Hubby's call. Y'know..those calls before you go to bed. Hehe..I am leaving for KL tomorrow..will be there until Sunday night to see Hubby. Yes, see him before he flies to Japan and be there for 2 yrs. I don't know if I am excited or sad to actually fly to KL tomorrow. I am definitely psyched to see him tomorrow but then, I don't wanna leave KL and say goodbye to him when I have to come back to Kuching. It'd be extra hard knowing that we will be apart for 2 years. Hmmph..I just hope that I can face this strongly and patiently. It won't be easy, I know but as what he always tell me, it won't be impossible either. We just have to go through all this before we get to the happy ending, InsyaAllah. Pray for us yea? May we both be strong together. -Amin-

*Yawn* there's my call. Till later~


Anonymous said...

i stumbled upon your web while typing sanmina sci. I see Bibi kolam is still there(sabar je le).(Like u i used to work there too but that was many moons ago).All the best in your endeavours.Regards to Madam Teh(i/l),Sharon(fab/final inspection)

dedek_ngegeh said...

Wow..yea..I just started working there like 2++ months ago..yes, Bibi Kolam's still there..and erk, I am reporting directly under her. Well, maybe you can provide me some tips and tricks on ways to survive there..hehe..that'd definitely help. ;)Mdm Teh and Sharon..yerp, I will do so..only if I know who you are..

am said...

seronoknye raye yer