Monday, August 28, 2006

Career Lady? Wud??!!'s been a week since I started working in Sanmina-SCI Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd..ahaha..ok. that is the full name of the company..and I double checked before I started posting tonight..mwahahahah..and guess what? after a week working, again, embarassed, I would like to correct myself on my position. I am actually the Quality Assurance Engineer at the company. Ok ok..I more corrections after this..hehe..unless if I decide to quit and take another job..mwahahah..Na'udzubillah la kan..

My first day was fun! I did not really do anything much besides trying to get to know my colleagues..pusing punya pusing, we ended up gossiping about Sitipu (if u know what I mean)..hahaha..yea, since my boss wasn't of course, MERDEKA!! haha..

The 2nd day was the start of everything, sorta. Get to learn uh-lot of stuff from the production line. Who would've thought that this little girl will end up "auditing" the operators in the production line (eventho I have no idea how the process is done)?? Yea, of course nobody actually thought that I am one of the they treated me like the boss's daughter..terhegeh-hegeh observing the Printed Circuit Board manufacturing process. Woohoo..excuse them, do not judge me by my size..hehehe.."line kerek sket"..

A week working, so far so good. I can tell that most people are looking down at me. Not because I am short, but because of my petite body too and my "smile-always" look. smile always? Hm..I quote that from my 2 colleagues, Felicia and I accept those "remarks" with open arms, ears and nose..ahahahah..

Last weekend. I went to Miri for a short trip specially for Kak Liza's wedding reception, held at her in law's place. It was like a business trip for me knowing that I departed from Kuching on Saturday and came back on Sunday. Yes, nowadays airplanes are like buses..haha..Air Asia kan ada..but the funny thing is, I naik MAS..jadi??

*SiGh* I have lots and lots of nice pictures to share, but I am too tired to upload them on here at the moment..let's just keep those for my next entry.

I gotta go to bed..*yawn* big, long day tomorrow I might say.. whatever it is, stay tuned...!!


nad said...

babe....syoknye dah keje.n dont forget belanja me after u get your first salary k.aha.lupe plak.aku dok jauh.tak it for next year.coz i am definitely coming back.gud luck n take care.miss ya.muah muah

Anonymous said...

i don miss u..i don miss u...!!!

am said...

ish...apesal anonymous tu...heehe...thats me actually...camne le jd anonymous ntah

dedek_ngegeh said...

koe x miss aku? hahaha..ker koe nk cover line jek yer?? xyah kaver2..luahkan jek..aku tau ape ade dalam saiko jek bunyik nyee am..