Friday, November 24, 2006

So far..yet so close..

It's been 2 weeks since he left for Japan. Not trying to brag here, but honestly, we've never been any stronger than this EVER. We've been trying to keep ourselves updated everyday, listen to each other everyday and the coolest part is that we both get to see each other everyday, er..everynight to be exact. Well, many many thanks to the smart people who invented all these facilities for people like us on the internet; by saying us, I mean some 'young' people who's going thru the long distance relationship thingy. Perhaps it's true what people say about it after all; absence makes heart grow fonder..and it's good that we both get to see the other side of a relationship now. We share, we trust and we keep strong while being away from each other. And again, I never fail to thank Him for all this. InsyaAllah, we will make it thru this..

Other updates. Work. I was confirmed in my position as a Quality Engineer in the company after going through my 3-month-probation. Basically, I am still here in Kuching, working in the same company. haha! Trust me, I never thought that I would even stay in this company for at least 3 months but hey, I MADE IT! Yippy yeay yeay! Of course my salary has not changed, but the good news is, now that I'm confirmed, I can definitely claim my callback allowance without any hesitation or may i say, without being SCARED! Haha..such a chicken.

Other personal stuff. I am lonely. My girl, Sue, went off to KK for the weekend and I haven't heard from my beloved Babes for moons now. Well, one of them actually. So my plans for the weekend: Work on Saturday to finish up my junk and stay in on Sunday to get some good rest e.g. Zzzz or some storybook reading..huhu.. Owh, in addition to my loneliness, I'd like to point out that I miss my niece, Asfa Wardina so damn much. She was back in Kuching for 3 days and guess who did not get to spend time with her coz she's too busy being a busy-bee?? ME!!! Just for the heck of it, here's an 'out-of-nowhere' picture of us together..

Dina and her we look alike? hehe

I have got to plan my working hours and my personal times from now on. *sigh* work is no fun but heck, I WANT THE MONEY! Until then..tata toodles!


nad said...

babeeeee..rindu ko jugak.setiap masa pk pasal ko ok.weekend ni dok umah tak?aku call umah ok???babeeee...rindu gileee.tak tahan

am said... of the babe yg ko da lame x heard fr tu aku ke??
mak busy lady plak i...heheheh...miss ya too babe..always...don sede2...we'll meet up soon...x lame lagi da ni....ok hold strong ok...muah!

dedek_ngegeh said...

oit babe2 ku of the babes yg lame aku x hear from is..jeng jeng jeng..NARD ler! hahaha..sbb nard MIA (missing in action) xdela aku majuk ker ape..just wondering je..and ckp betapa rindu nye aku kt koerg..tuh jek..

dedek_ngegeh said...

tp kan am kan..koe pon lame gak aku x hear from..jangan MIA gak tau babe??!! mwahs mwahs!