Sunday, August 20, 2006


I am currently alone in my home..watching TV with my laptop on my lap..hehe..My mom and the kids have gone to Brunei for the school here I am..

I am currently in the 'mood' to actually update my blog..why not??!! At the same time, I am enjoying my leisure time at home before I actually start working this coming week. Owh..correction. In my previous entry, I "announced" my position as a Quality Assurance Engineer but after receiving my offer letter, embarassed, my position is actually as a Quality Audit (QA) Engineer..haha..well, at least I got the company's name right! Now that I got the job, job-hunting days have come to an end (for now) and I shall move on to a new chapter in my life.

So, last weekend..4 of my 8 MMU-C4 buddies graduated..unfortunately, I couldn't make it to their commencement..but the good thing is, I actually got to get their pictures sent to my email. Yeay! I am so damn proud of them.. I haven't had the chance to actually meet them since I came home; just YM and messages to keep us close. Hopefully, one day, we're gonna get to meet up; ALL 9 of us! Miss all of you so much!!

CONGRATULATIONS and good luck in your future undertakings!

The graduates. From left: Rad, Sap and Ika

Wish I was there..from left: Ika, Reen, Zai, Sap and Rad

More of them..From left: Sap, Rad, Reen, Ika and Ani

OOoopps..i gotta go..errands! Until then..toodles!

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