Thursday, May 18, 2006


It's been a week that i became an official Penn State alumni. Haven't had the chance to "report" on one of the biggest events in my life.. MY GRADUATION! It was filled with pride, joy, fun, excitement, hugs, kisses(erk?) and some goodbyes. Although my family didn't make it there to the ceremony, I felt really blessed to have my friends around me.

To my Malaysian Penn State family, my IE family and my other friends;

THANX for keeping me strong..
THANX for being there..
THANX for the cards, gifts, phone calls, text message and wishes..

No words can describe how thankful I am to have all of you close to me on my special day.

Well, I took uh-looott of good pictures. However, I know that it is impossible to post all of them on this entry..right? So as usual, here's the selected ones!
Having him there..graduating with in fact the sweetest thing..

Can't thank them enuff for spending the big day with me..

My Penn State family..without you guys there..I'll be standing at the side..crying..i guess..

My IE friends..can't imagine not seeing any of you again..*sob sob*
From left: Lydia, Luanne, me, Carla, Jackie, Jess, Stanley and Adit

My classmate, Brad (left) &
My first IE friend, my classmate, groupmate and "argue"-mate Chad (right)

sigh.. From left: Joe, Jeff, me, Carla and Travis a.k.a Ty

To these guys, thanx for showing up!
From left: Ed, Ricky, me and Chris

My Creamery buddies. You girls mean so much to me!
From left: Allison, Shannon and Cara

More creamery gang. From left: Tim, Brian and Andrew
Erk..maybe this is why they don't let me be in charge of the cash register..LOL!, what's new with me..?? It's been a week since I last became a Penn State undergraduate..I am an alumni now and I am very proud of my personal accomplishment. It may not be as "wow" as some other people's victory, but I am still proud with what I achieved.

This degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering is for my mom..for her hard work..her support..and prayers..

I'll be coming home..for good..with this degree, I hope that she can now sit back and's time for her to enjoy her "investments" on her daughters..
Malaysia, here i come..!!

Recently, I have been away this whole week.. went for a mini-vacation, with Hubby, his family along with his aunt's family. Tired, happy, nervous, anxious, excited, afraid..but I guess, overall, I can summarize the whole trip in 2 words: INTERESTING yet CHALLENGING! I got to know his family members and I learned how to be around them..most importantly, I get to spend valuable times with them. I hope this mini-trip that we had brought lotsa fun to everybody as it was for me. I admit that I got nervous and scared at times, somehow, I guess that is what every girl has to experience especially when they get to meet the boyfriend's family. This trip meant a lot to me, and this might be a stepping stone for both of us to bring our relationship to the next level. Doakan kami allright? Well, this time, I have less pictures but enough to summarize the goes..

Hubby and I in Niagara Falls

Totally soaked with Aiman, Hubby and his mom..

That's us on the boat to the Falls

Hubby and I (again) on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty

At Central Park, us, his cuzzy (Nana) and his aunt and uncle

Bonding with Lala in Central Park

The girls and I

Although I wasn't on my best condition for a few days of the trip, I was glad that I was part of hubby's family's trip. *Yawn*- i guess, i've updated this blog more than enuff for now..i better head to bed before i collapse right here, in front of my lappy..until then..toodles!


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