Friday, January 13, 2006

Shout out and more!

It's lovely outside. Perfect weather for a walk at the park. Hm..but, of course I have no interest in doing that. Not until Hubby's done with his classes today, at least. Also, I have a survey to complete by tonight or I will not get any credits for it. Hehe..

So, it's 01/12/2006. A special day for my lovely sister.. DAYANG YUSLIZA.. She was born 25 years ago in Kuching.. with this I would like to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may God bless you in everything you do. I don't have a more recent pictures of us together..yea..we do look alike..mesra gitu..!

Next, I received an e-mail from my supervisor at the University Learning Center. It had definitely made my day even better..

Hi Day,
I apologize for not saying hello to you last night, I didn't realize
until I left that I missed seeing you. I hope you had an enjoyable break.

These evaluations are going to be very informal, just my thoughts on
your performance and any thoughts/suggestions I have for this
semester. If you have any feedback or questions, please stop by my
office any time or email me back.

Overall, your performance was excellent! I was very impressed with
your tutoring abilities and customer service skills. I appreciate
your kindness and ease with the students, they feel very comfortable
in your presence when you are tutoring them. This is a very important
trait to have as students work better with a tutor that's likable and
respected as well as knowledgeable. Your willingness to assist me
with projects was excellent. I find that I can trust you with
responsibilities easily and know that things will get done. Your
communication skills are among your best traits as I often hear you
conversing with students, receptionists, and other tutors. All of
these skills contribute positively to the team atmosphere the ULC
wants to project over all of it's units.

I'm looking forward to working with you again this semester. If you
have any goals that you wish to achieve before the end of the
semester, in regards to training, skills you wish to learn/update,
projects related to your interests, please share them with me and I
will work with you to help achieve them. My goals for you are to
complete your ongoing projects from Fall 2005. For your first
official shift (next Wednesday), I would like you to finish up or
continue the project you started in the Fall. Please let me know the
status of your project and if there's anything I need to do to assist you.

Thank you for dedication to your position as a Technology Tutor. I
deeply appreciate you as a team member in the Technology Center.

Delighted and proud at the same time. So, this semester, my goal is to work even harder at ALL my jobs and work super hard on ALL my courses. That's it for now peeps..Until then..

To Nard, Am, Kunod and Yana.. I love you guys..!! (where did that come from?..huhuh) and also to all my LOYAL friends out know who you are..!


Kak liza said...

Thanksssss my dear..
Abang Erwan kitak berik mek bantal peluk jak...
Tapi b4 befday mek.. nya dah berik mek rantai n earrings yang sama macam gelang yang mak berik kita ya... jadi mek ada satu set laa..
mak ada beli kan compact shisheido masa kat kl ariya...
kak ani tek, madah kat kl nya nyuruh mek milih, nya berik budget RM100. Mak erwan merik mek patung pusak..chi chi namanya.. tapi semua orang berik awal laaa...

ada lah erwan suprise mek ngan kek tek.... leput mek tetak... wahahahahah................ i'm old olrediiiii... my godd!!!.. tahun depan beranak gik kamek tokk.. wahahahahahha

dedek_ngegeh said...

haha..aok..bagus kitak beranak awal2..kelak dpt kamek jaga..wardina is out of reach..since nya rah, she's susah mok buli..hehe..sorila nak kamek xda bday gift for u..*sob sob*

nad said...

dedek..i lap u too..u know dat.ahah...anyway...let us be bz this semester and work harder than last semester. workaholic + nerd = i dont even wanna say it...ahahaha

Yana said...

ku sayang kepadamu
dayang sayang kamu

erk.. silap plak. kau aje yg patutnyer boleh gune line tu yer dak?

oh well, aku nak wish koe luck in this semester nak2 lagi dengan the dreaded sr design project. JENG JENG JENG!!!!!

Hopefully kite lepas sem ni ngan jayala gamaknya sebab even tho aku tak grad sem ni pun ... takde la aku kena 'crossing fingers' nak extend kan... unlike some people. muahahaha

nad said...

muahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaa.... aku hanya mampu gelak je bacer ape yang yana ckp last2 tuh..gelak lagi..muahahahahhahahahahhahaahhahahahah

am said...

nak cakap bahasa sarawak x reti..hehe..luv ya too duhling!!