Sunday, January 15, 2006

Girls Night Out

Allright, I just got off from work at the Creamery. Currently hanging around in my super messy room, not knowing what to do. Tired from work and not ready for bed YET. So, this weekend is supposed to be enjoyable. It's only the first week of class, but YYYEESSSS..I am already occupied with tons and tons of homework, reading assignment etc etc..overall, 4 homework assignments, 1 in-class quiz/test to prepare for and many many readings to complete before the weekend ends. You canNOT imagine how grateful I am for having an extra day off on Monday.

Nothing much interesting about my Saturday night, BUT my Friday night? One heck of a fun and exciting night. It was Friday, the 13th in January. It was Ms Muliani a.k.a Am's 21-st birthday!! No, no, we didn't get to do the bar-hoping or what not..HEY, WE'RE NOT A BUNCH OF THE AMERICAN-WANNABE GIRLS ALLRIGHT? Instead, we have our own culture, the so-called surprise celebration..with the ones that we love.. Owh..btw, HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO AM!!! Hope you enjoy yourself last night..and love the gift, sincerely from Nard and I.

That's Am..21 years old? beautiful eh?

So, after the little celebration, all of us (including Am, Kunod, Yana, Izzawan, Hawa, Dart, Daju and Diane) went to the HUB for some late-night at PennState activities, "Little Drawer Painting". Ok ok, it might sound lame..but you have NNOoooo idea how much fun we had. It'd be more fun if Sarah and Zal went along with us too. But well, we'll try to do this again some other time. You girls definitely light up my Friday night!!! Pictures time...Enjoy!

All of us on the painting table..oopps..Diane's not in..she's behind the camera..

Am, Hawa and Nard - they DO look like the enjoy themselves, don't they?

The 3 juniors are so gonna miss us..hikhikhik..(perasan)

These are what we came up with..cute eh?

So, that's ALL of us..I very the like this pic..

Hehe..We love to pose..

From Nard and I..notice the blue bag? Am, hope you lurve it..!!

So, these pictures..stored in one of the sweetest memories with my only lovely Msian girlfriends in Penn State..!!

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am said...

awww...thnk u a bunchzzz was one unforgetable-kanak2-riang nite...walaupon the surprise agak x menjadi..but the food was sooo sedapz+the cards are cantek2 and plg penting..the ppl are all terbaik..u guys sangat menceriakan the nite..hehe..the bag of coz i love a load..schweeet yg teramat like cannot tahan one laaa...hehe...sayang korang!!!