Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In conclusion..

To make the long story short, I am so glad that Hubby's fine after the 24-hour rest.

Sayang, please get well. I hate to see you the way you were for the last long hours. He's back at his apartment safe and soundly asleep..

I am well right now..hopefully I will be able to get into tasks IMMEDIATELY, as in right NOW; update my notes, work on my homework, and prepare myself well for every class (keeping my fingers crossed on that one!)

Allright.. I'm off with my pile of books..

Shoot! I gotta decide on my "business-casual" outfit. Worse, I have to get dressed for the event at 7am in the morning tomorrow (considering that my 1st class starts at 8am)! Sheesh..! The event doesn't start until noon!



Chris said...
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chubbyCHAN said...

hai there kechik..

hehe,sorry coz i link ur blog to mine without u u know,ur blog is in my fav list anyway..hihi

okeh..see yaa later..take care!

Anonymous said...

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