Friday, April 14, 2006

IIE Banquet

The best night as an IE: We (IE department) had our banquet last night, to celebrate the outstanding seniors and faculty members, as well as the graduating seniors this year. It was held in Days Inn last night from about 7pm to 9.30pm. How was it? Unbelievably fun! It's really nice you know, having your classmates around you..socialize with them..and see them all dress up! time??!!

Me with 2 beautiful girls, Adrienne (left) and Lauren (right)..

That's me again..with all the Asian senior girls..(I think!)

Haha..that's me, as always..with my 2 pimps (Khitab:left and Emeka:right)! Mwahaha..

Me with Hispanic girls and guys..hehe..

Me with the two bodyguards (Jeff:left and Ty:right)..isn't that HOT??!!

Me with the Indonesians..o crap! I have that thing on my head..!
From left: Stanley, me, Adit and Jackie

So, my favorite instructor was awarded the best faculty member of this year, Dr Leah Newman. I was honored to get the chance to take another picture with her..heh! My TA was awarded the best TA of the year..Paul Linch. The outstanding senior..that's Nate. The best thing was, he was sitting at our cool is that??!! haha..

The Award winner, Dr Newman..and I

Award winners , Paul (right) and Nate (middle) with Dr Wysks

The best times of the whole evening were when we, the IE students had our own little gathering before and after the banquet. Some sort of pre- and post- banquet. Where did we go? Heh..somewhere for a lil' gathering party..

On top of all this, however, I CANNOT deny the fact that the fun I had was not complete..without him wimme..I really wish that he was there..!!


Yana said...

I like the pants with the kilat2 belt combo. very derrrr!

dedek_ngegeh said...

haha..belt tuh seriously aku xtau dtg dr mane..tetibe jek dier ade dlm one of my big luggage bawah katil didnt come with the pants..aku gatal2 combinela kan..ala2 mix and match gtu..huhuhuhuh

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