Sunday, April 30, 2006

Almost to the end of the road..

I can't believe that I am almost done with school. I have 3 more finals next week..then..I AM DONE!!! Excited? Happy? Sad? Scared? Anxious? Yes, yes, yes, yes and YES!

Last day of goes..

Us-having fun at Leonhard's computer lab..heh!
From left: Stanley (with his bad hair day), Me and Jared (the daddy-like guy)

Carla (the IE-Diva) and I.

On our way to the project showcase..From left: Jonathan, Me and Pedro

At the project showcase from left: Adit, me, Nicolas, Ayush, Fernanco and Jonathan

These guys..are awesome! From left: Chad (1 of my first IE friend), me and Bill Adler

Moving on, my last day working with my fellow tutors and supervisor, Stefanie..

Thanx to them for helping me out while tutoring..I will definitely miss tutoring!
Clockwise: Jeff, Steve, Jeremy and Ryan & Josh. Center: Stefanie and I

Next, my last shift at the Creamery..I will miss working there..scooping ice creams, stocking, getting free food from our tip box and all the people that I work with! Wish I have all their pictures but here are my shift-mates this semester..

The Creamery's Saturday night closers, Spring 2006. I enjoyed working with ALL of you..lotsa fun, laughters and craziness! From left: Abby, Christine, Andrew, Shannon, Joel & his nipple (yes, he's retarded!) and Me.

So, can I imagine not seeing them again EVER after I leave? NO! I am so gonna miss my life here, my friends and most importantly the good times..

And to my close Malaysian girlfriends here at Penn State..I will miss you guys the most. It's sad that the "era" has to end soon..we will continue in separate paths but I will always cherish our memories together..thanx for making me feel so close to home..can't imagine my life here without you..!

The seniors: Me, Yana & Izza..thanx for being there for me for this whole 4 years!

The junior that makes me go nuts, Nard. You are the coolest, babe!

This chick on the right? You make my world go upside down..haha! You rock, girl!

Finally, a special thanks to my one and only person, who shares my ups and downs here.. thanx for accepting my goods and bads for all this time..

haha..that's us, trying out our cap and gown..


Note: I didn't mean to turn this blog into a fotopage, but I love to share my pictures to my readers. I have more, but
well, here are the best ones! Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!


chubbyCHAN said...

a picture tells 1001 stories aite..kalau type dah sure panjang lebar..ehehe..all the best to you kecik!

Ein said...

hi za :) fazlin here. kmk ter come across ur blog, so i linked u. glad u're having the time of ur life in d US! take care ya.

dedek_ngegeh said...

Thanx husna and ein..I am coming home real soon..May 31st i think..around hopefully i will at least get to see you guys for keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

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