Tuesday, April 11, 2006

3 more weeks to go!

I have 3 more weeks to the final week and 5 more weeks to commencement. How do I feel about it? Clueless..!! I am missing a whole bunch of stuff back home..and I am very sure that I will be missing a lot of people and stuff after I leave..but well..life isn't fun without sweet memories..right??

10 things that I miss back home:

1. My mother (duh!) who doesn't know that??!!
2. My room? erk..wait..I don't have a room anymore..i'll say..my home..
3. Laksa Sarawak..in fact, I called my mom recently..and told her how much I crave for it!
4. Kolok Mee..OMG..I am so hungry at this moment..
5. My girls back home..Sue, E-za, Sharaine..
6. My MMU girls..Zai, Reen, Ika, Ani, Ami, Sap, Rad, Nad..
7. Driving? Altho I admit that I am no good at it..but I still miss driving..
8. Watching Malay movies/drama..what's wrong with that? not cool enuff? nonsense!
9. All the beverages..iced tea..iced milo..syrup..etc etc
10. Nice movie theaters..yea..they're a lot better than the ones in State College..heh

10 things that I am gonna miss most about my life here:

1. Having him around..anytime I need him..except when I am asleep at night..I wish..huhuhuh
2. Living by myself..with the coolest girl next door..u know who u are!! :-P
3. Shopping and going out with my girls..nobody can ever replace you girls on this..seriously!
4. Creamery buddies..indirectly, they showed me how much I can be loved by being my true self..*sob sob*
5. My IE friends..our chit-chats in Leonhard computer lab as early as 8am..our bagel moment..another *sob sob*
6. My beloved instructors..Dr Cavalier, Dr Newman, Dr Voigt, Elena Joshi..THANX for ur help!
7. Malaysian "family" here..you make me feel closer to home..
8. College football and NFL..haih..
9. Leonhard building, my 2nd home..I won't realize how much I love that building until this time of the semester...
10. Online shopping..can't imagine how to live without it..uwaa!!

Come to think of it..I have many, many things that I am gonna leave behind here..but..yerp..I gotta be ready to face all these stuff sooner or later..for now, let's just enjoy life and live it to the fullest..!!

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