Friday, September 23, 2005

Me & The Creamerians

This is actually the second entry for today. No! I am not a blog-freak. hehe..i just don't feel like doing any school work tonight. I decided to give myself a break for the day. Hey, gimme a break..I am not some kind of a robot that does its chores all the time. I actually decide to post pictures of me at the Creamery. So, Steve, if you visit this site, you can save them in your computer.

STEVE!! TAKE CARE YO!! (I am definitely not mocking you..! Haha!) I miss you already STEVE. Do keep in touch and I really hope that u will not forget me.. EVER!

These pictures are PARTLY posted for u. Hehe.. Hope u enjoy them..!!

Picture 1: From left to right: Andrew, Steve & Me

Picture 2: from left to right: Tim, Me & Jon

Picture 3: from left to right: Me, Dan (he is bending his legs to look as "tall" as me) & Kristen

Picture 4: from left to right: Ralph, me & Andrew

Picture 4: from left to right: Kristen, Catherine & me

Picture 5: that's just Jess and me..

Okay..those are some pictures of me and some of my co-workers at the Creamery. Those of you who are not in the pictures, set a time and date. We can have a special photo session together..ahahhahha..! Till next time..~la la la


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