Saturday, September 24, 2005

In Leonhard

I am in my crappy mood today. I was late for my first class this morning and of course I end up copying the notes written on the board without knowing what the heck they mean. And worse, I got my quiz back. And I scored below the average of the whole class. God!! What is wrong with me? I did all so freakin' many careless mistakes that I actually lost so freakin' many points on the quiz. Damn!!!

Phheuuww. It definitely helps when you actually get to spit your mind out. I don't care if anybody knows that I am doing badly on my quiz. That's fine because I know after this I am gonna turn myself into a more extra extra hardworking girl (that's the spirit I need. You go girl!!) I just need the "studying-momentum" back. Prolly my head is not completely stable right now. I seriosuly need a vacation. Get out of State College and clear off my mind a lil'. I have too much crap on my mind.

First midterms are around the corner. I really need to start studying hard for all the tests. I gotta stop procrastinating. Most importantly, I gotta balance out work and school. I need to extremely do well this semester.

Help me!!! I need help!!!!

Owh..before I forget, I would like to wish Nursuryati a.k.a Sue for her 22nd Birthday. It might be a lil' late for Malaysian time but definitely not late for United States time. Hehe..hope you have a good time on your birthday and we really2 need to talk some time soon girl!

so, the pic above is a picture of my two best friends back home. The left is E-za and the birthday girl is on the right, SUE. Miss u girls lots!!!

Until next time, da~~


mesyra said...

I MISS U!! Thanx for the wish, i appreciate it so much. Bah, unlucky me i didn't pick up ur call. Was kinda busy dudok lam jamban..Huhu~ But thanx again.. You managed to get my fotopages addy, yea? ^__^ Keep in touch, aight! Keep posting in mine and ill keep spamming comments here!

p/s: Saba jak la gamba ya. "Pimples Advert" pun gamba ya! =P

*huGs* u take care, sweetie!

Anonymous said...

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