Thursday, September 22, 2005

At work

Gosh..15 minutes for maintenance? NO!!!! I typed up a long entry..and where did it go? But well, that's fine. This gives me more things to do while waiting for another student to show up for help. I'm at work. Of course my job is not to write this piece of thought of mine. I am a technology tutor. I tutor students at the University Learning Center (ULC) in technology stuff like Frontpage, Dreamweaver, HTML, Adobe, C++ etc etc.. I just started working here and this is just my 5th shift. Hehe..well, it is not as bad as I thought it's gonna be. You know, of course there's this nervous feeling in me when I started. I was so afraid that I fail to help the students with their problems. What if I don't know the answer? What if I make them more confused? What if..? I hate "what-if's" but seriously, I find that question wimme most of the time. hehe..don't worry. I am starting to love this job. I get to help students, gain more friends and most importantly I get paid!! ahahah..kidding! I really love all my jobs now. Yes, you heard me..I said ALL!! I have two other jobs on-campus. I also work at Palmer Museum, and the creamery. Overall, 7 hours in hours in ULC, (Stephanie just added 2 hours on my schedule..SWEET!!) 6 hours in Palmer and flexible hours in the creamery. ?? Flexible?? What do I mean by that. Well, since I have been working there for quite a while now, I get to be the substitute. I'll work if I am available and if I want to. If otherwise, I am nowhere to be found there. Hehe..good deal huh? The BEST!! Workaholic? maybe..this is one way for me to gain more experience. I work in different fields. I don't mind working as long as I enjoy myself at work. That makes sense, doesn't it?

So, happened...nothing much actually. First, I get to create my own blog (finally!! after 2 years procrastinating it..hehe) and secondly, I was done with my two important quizzes for the week. So basically, from today until next week, I am not too packed with my school work. Of course I would wanna start early on every single school work I have..eheheh..(as if)

As I said at the beginning of this entry, I am at work right now. I helped one guy today on his HTML homework. I think I helped (at least I think so..) Atilla is helping that one lady. So, whoever comes in anytime now, he/she's mine..hehehe.. Okay, I might want to do something else right now. Maybe bug the next's a freakin' long entry..ppsshh


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