Friday, September 23, 2005

In my room

It's a lovely day outside. And the best thing is, I have no classes at all today. My one class is canceled due to the Career Fair, and one lab is cancelled also due to the Career Fair. So, basically I am pretty much free today. I was at work from 10am -1pm at the Palmer here I am..bored..and my messy room.

Somebody actually inquire about the title of my blog; Day & Night. Well, that's actually my nickname at the Creamery. For some reason, my American friends seem to have a hard time pronouncing my name right., to make it easier for them, I picked up the first three letters of my real name as my nickname, which is DAY. However, since the creamery is always filled with cracked-head people, which actually makes it fun, they added a little spice to my nickname. So, the better version of my nickname is Day & Night. If you get confused, it's okay. You're just a lil' bit slow..ahahahah..I'm just kidding..

So, I was browsing and browsing the internet considering I am totally bored at this moment. After sometime, I went to my 2nd sister's (Kak Liza's) fotopages page. There are a bunch of pictures there. Well, let me just upload the most eye-catching picture that I see below:

So..that's a picture with all the people that I miss most. My family. The person on the right-most is my lovely mother. The lady in the middle is Kak Liza and the left-most is my eldest sister, Kak Ani. And that little girl is Wardina, my niece who is Kak Ani's daughter. Looking at this particular picture, I really feel like catching the first flight home right now. I haven't been home for a year already. It's a long time for me considering that I went home on every summer before this. But well, there are some things that I have to do here and also some things that I have to consider before I decide to come home this end of the year.

I'm kinda tired. I'll just "keyboard-off" for now. Until next time.. *wink wink*

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