Monday, September 26, 2005

Day of Achievements!!

First of all, I would like to congratulate my beloved eldest sister, Kak Ani on her graduation past Saturday. She got her Masters Degree in Human Resource from University of Putra Malaysia and I am very2 proud of her achievement. She has gone through a lot of ups and downs and I am just glad that she'd come this far. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I really wish that I can be there to see her walk up the stage but unfortunately, I am here trying to achieve my own dreams. So, my prayers is always with you and may your prayers be with me here too. *sob sob*.

Yesterday, was a BIG Football Day for Penn State. We actually beat the NorthWestern by one touchdown at NorthWestern. That was a big achievement for Penn State considering we haven't performed since the last two years. I was watching the big game yesterday. In fact, I was watching 3 football games yesterday. And that actually reflects how I am very good at procrastinating especially when it comes to school work. Congrates to our football team for defeating NorthWestern by 6 points. The final score was 34-29. Hopefully by next week, Michael Robinson would hang on to the ball and more turnovers yeaa?? he can hear me..LOL. more thing, my computer crashed 2 days ago. So, I would have a hard time to get the access to the internet. It might cost me some money to fix it, but I will work things out (I hope!). I really miss my laptop. On the bright side of this, I will have more time to focus on studying than browsing the internet and end up shopping online. Till next time..~

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