Sunday, December 02, 2007



I can hardly remember my password. I can hardly remember. Really. Haven't been updating this blog for like AGES! Seriously, not because I have nothing to write, but OMG! i haven't been blogging in moons!

So well, yea, I am still my colorful life with ups and downs here and there..guess what?! I am in KL now..after few months putting this blog behind, I finally move to a more challenging place (atleast I think so..who cares abt what u think?!)..switching to a new company, hoping on to a better position, finally, as an Industrial Engineer and staying at a new place..

Herm..hard to predict..but come to think of it, I guess i may have made the right decision; it's either now or never right? being in QA; that is not what i wanna do for the rest of my life yea? so y bother to stay in the suck-ass position and spend your days complaining about your job??!! I was thinking; before i start growing wrinkles on my face along with the hard days, it's about time to think for myself! my one and only self...for once! i will officially start workin in my new company on Monday. tough, but i need to deal with this. first impression is always crucial and i suck at it! urgh!

It's and i can't sleep..regardless of how right i think i am in this decision, i am scared..i am afraid of changes..i'm away from home..away from my girlfriends over there..away from the most important person in my life; my mom. my ex-company..yes, i hated my job..but the people there..they're a bunch of nice people that i will never was hard, yes, but with all of my ex-colleagues there with me, i survived for more than a yr as a victim of the evil 'princess' with the so-called 'minister'..


U gotta let go to move on..gosh! some random pics while away from my blog:

The one most important person I left mother; trust me!
she knows best..

Something that I'll miss;
the gals back home and the craziness we share

The cheerfulness in the ex-office with the GANG BANG!

The outing with the ex-neighbor-company!

The members of my '2nd-home'

Good times with this LADY right 'ere...

Me N the lil' ones..Aleesya & Wardina!
Will def. see them a lot in KL

Another cutie-pie, the Miri/Kuching boy! *wink wink*

Last but not least, the Sanmina-duo..will miss this whacko lady a lot!!

Most importantly, I bring all the sweet memories with my life to the fullest and hope for the best in the future..moving forward? hell, yes i am!!!

Till then..Nighty nite! Toodles!

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ReeBeLLe said...

hoik.. da 2 taun tak hapdet okei.. mase da time da utk hapdet.. since now pon baru Jan 09.. kamon aktif balek..