Sunday, February 25, 2007


It's a typical Sunday afternoon. Y'know, finally, a day for me to stay in and rest after the eventful week, I might say. The event started on V-day. I had a great time with my girl, Sue of course. We spent the night together, just the TWO of us. other celebration in particular..I got myself a rose..from ehem ehem, Benny! Isn't that sweet? Couple of texts of course..and him? duh! obviously he called.

The one rose for V-day. Thanks Benny Boo! :P

Gosh, I feel old. It's been a week since I turned 24. YES, I AM 24!!!!!! haha..but come to think of it, I guess the figure doesn't matter that much huh? Whatever figure I turn to, the main thing is the...GIFTS! and of course the celebrations..hahahaah..fine. fine. i am old-er than before. I had a blast on my special day. Out with my mom and the lil' ones..good food with good company! Out with the girls at night, tons and tons of thoughts from friends all over the world made my day, and the celebration? SUPER! Gifts..GREAT ones! from the loved ones, near and far. I lyke la kan.

The bracelet..she remembers when i said that i like this specific you, mom!

This is the collection..and the biggest and also the latest release, Shopaholic & Baby..from my lovely sisters..

This package right here? it's been across the oceans and seas..what's inside..the TIME will tell.. *wink wink*

If previously, I have been pampered by surprise parties, ice-cream cakes and Hubby, for a change, this year, i got EGG-ed. Haha! do NOT get me wrong, people. I was thrown with eggs on my night. Er..4 of them. Thank God. It's better that 24 eggs right? So yeah..don't have a picture for the throwing incident, but hell yeah, we have a video of it.

And at the end of the night..after midnight I might say, I was back to reality, being the Cinderella in the house, I gotta clean all the mess and clear the egg-smell from the car porch. was a heck of a night! Had so much fun with the girls. Can't thank them enough. But on top of all this, still, I wish him, my babes and my sisters were around.'s the thought that counts aite? (sedapkan ati..huhu) Wokeh, next, other pictures of the celebration? here goes..

me & the cake

Blow? Blow?!!! hahaha..

The Gift..from Levi's Lady Style..Lurve it!

The lovely girls..missing: Azian

Complete one!

Bottomline..this one bday of mine..will be stored as one of my best memories..celebrating it here, in Kuching! Thanks girls..

So now I am back to my normal routine. Work. Hard. Smart. Tired. Satisfaction? Not even close..heh! Whatever it is, I will be looking forward to my lil' vacation in 2 weeks, to KL. No biggie..but the most anticipated part will be...meeting all those people that I have always missed..MMU friends, Pennstaters..and Sunway gangs..can't hardly wait..oh! Kak Ani will be delivering soon!! Panic attack..a new niece..i AM till then...cheers!!


nad said...

i wish i was there to celebrate your bday with u.*sigh*.but hey..tak year still ade walaupon next year anda semakin tua.hahahaha...miss ya babe.loads n loads n loads of luv...muaaahhh

fadzli said...

happy birthday sis..sorry kinda late :p

nad said...

oowwhh dedek..i am back from miami n i miss u so damn much.dedekkkk!!!!