Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back on track!!!

It's been crazy since day 1 of 2007. Haven't had the time to actually sit down, catch my breath and update this blog of mine. Been sick for almost 2 weeks for the first 2 weeks of the yr. Nope, have no idea what type of sickness that i have to lead me to another pass-out at the office. But well, many, many other things have happened..bottomline, I am moving on. Not easy, but hey, life must go on.

Work has been treating me better these days, considering the fact that I get to sit around in my office and pretend to be busy all day. My new boss? words can describe the new organization chart of my department. I just have to swallow the fact that my used-to-be-buddy2-colleague is my boss now. Need to play along and look forward for my account top-up at the end of each month. LOL! That's the whole point of working right?

Here's how I look like when I pretend to be a busybee..!!

Love life. As per normal. We talk online whenever we have the free time. We miss each other. We share. We make new friends. We have our ups and downs. We talk them through. We hope for the best. We count the days that we will meet each other again. Complicated situations? We handle it well enough so far, at least i think so. Still love him as much, as a friend and as a special someone in my life. Keeping it fair for both of us. *wink wink*

Been spending most of my time with my girls here. Regardless the fact that I miss my babes in the States, I obviously need to focus on what's in front of me to keep my upbeat. We go out. We talk. We enjoy cheese cake and chocolate cake at Hilton (yummylicios!) or Bing Coffe House (delicious!). We schedule the time and day (this is tough for working ladies like us, seriously). Finally, we had our FIRST night out where all 6 of us were there. was one heck of a night. We laughed and laughed all night, enjoying our ice creams and cakes and drinks. Update each other on our lifes. Picture-sharing time!!!!


We girls just wanna have FUN!

Moving on. I hope February will bring better upcomings for me. Valentine's day is coming up. No, I am not gonna celebrate it. Chinese New Year is coming. Maybe, I will go visiting. And in one of the days, I will get older. Gosh, I don't want it to come. Not this year. Have had him, my babes and the rest of Penn State family around me for the last few years. It'll be different this time. Mom and the kids will be around this time. Not my sisters though. They'll be on their own vacation. After all, we've never celebrate it together since like what, 5 years ago? Whatever, GO!

Ok. Enuff already. Before i get all emotional and end up crying in my room I better keyboard off now. Hah! till then..


abe said...

hi dekda! wah ko pun kene jadi boss cepat2 nih hehe. nanti nak dtg kl cakap la ok? aku boleh bawak ko jalan2 gi zoo negara ker...

secret admirer said...

Hey cutie. Wanna be my valentine's date?

dedek_ngegeh said...

hai bang! jadi boss? adoi la..lingkup kot kampeni aku kalau aku jd boss..belom lagi la kot..huhuhuh..nak gie zoo..yippy! mesti kawan2 aku rindu aku..lame da nieh x jumpe..ngeh3..uik? siapekah secret admirer tuh..kuang3..

Moeh said...

belum miss lagi, so jgn sedih2... wait for the good news, ok? :)

am said...

hye babe...walaupon busy gile aku bace gak blog ko...terharu x babe??hahahaha...ok nye kamu2 di sarawak...x pe...nnt aku gi sane kite fun2 jugak k...muah!

dedek_ngegeh said...

moeh: alhamdulillah la aku x dilupakan..aku taruh link blog koe kt page aku, jd koe xleyh da nk x jemput aku bile tiba masenye yer?

Am: babe, terharu sgt2..buat aku lg smangat nak 'melapor' kt dlm blog aku..nnt time koe balik..mesti lg VAST doubt nye babe..*hugs*

Moeh said...

okkeh, worry not!