Tuesday, March 28, 2006

what can i say..

basically, it's my fault..i just got out of the restroom..'partially' done calming myself down. My blood rushed up to my head the second i got back my IE 453 test. How was it? Bad! So bad that I can kill myself right now. Of course I won't do it cause I know I have people around me who actually care..a lot! So, I'm still here, in Leonhard computer lab, spitting out whetever's on top of my head for everyone to see. Bottomline is, I feel like crap today.

I failed my test with a 56% (yea..this is in fact the worst grade I've ever had in any of my IE courses!)..that's fine..but considering the fact that i studied SUPER hard for the freakin' test, I am totally frustrated. Some fakers and stalkers who actually stop by at my blog might be laughing and "giggling" right now..but believe you me, I have some people around me here..telling me over and over that I'll be fine, lending their shoulders for me to cry loudly on..they say that the class is freakin' hard..but if it's that hard, why can other people get 76% or 82% or 90% on the test..and not me???!!!

Life goes on..I can make it thru the rain..that's what I tell myself. I want to graduate so bad..but not with these sucky grades I'm having this semester..how can I move on? It's so freakin' true when the say life is like a wheel..sometimes you're up there..sometimes you're lower than people around you..maybe it's just a matter of time you know..

(and there goes my frustration tears..down my not-so-chubby cheeks..damn!)


Yana said...

dude, I know how it feels. Sometimes these things just happen. I never told this to anybody but I once got a 48% on my vibrations midterm. That really killed me because I did well on the homeworks, quizzes and everything else, but then midterm completely raped us all. I guess a small consolation was that the class average was 50% but still it hit me hard. All I can say is just try and tough it out.. although I didn't get the grade I hoped for in the class, at least I passed it and sometimes that's all that matters. So chin up okay!

Anonymous said...

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