Saturday, March 18, 2006


It's Friday..and I have to say how glad I am today. I'm totally done with all my midterms this semester, my final basically, I'm done with midterms for the rest of my life as an undergraduate student..woooohoooo!!

After a super long day yesterday, I took a day off today and decide to have a personal day. Skipped class..and walk around..chill..and have fun. Currently at work, but I will definitely be out the whole day today, for a change I thought. heheh..

Weekend plans? You tell me! Haven't been shopping for a week. So far I'm doing good on the "shopping-fasting" thing huh? Well, don't blame me! I'm a girl and I can't resist the pleasure of shopping, especially if my girls are around me. Bottomline, we love to shop. Period. But i guess, I'll have to pass on this one favorite activity of mine this week. I'll keep it for later this month..heh!

Hm..I guess that's all for now.
Nothing new, nothing much exciting except for the fact that it's Friday!

One thing for sure, at this point, I promise to treasure every single day, hour, minute or second of me here in Penn State before I fly home to where I belong.

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