Wednesday, March 01, 2006


What is it? I don't know..symptoms??

1. being lazy..very lazy
2. skipping classes..hmm..yea..lotsa them!!
3. wasting away..instead of studying for my midterms/ what I'm doing right now!
4. counting days to every i can chill..all day/night long..LOL!
5. thinking abt my commencement..what to wear..who's gonna come..and all that
6. crying my eyes out..thinking abt leaving my girls here..and the good times together..uwaa!!

Whatever "sickness" that'd be, please go away..uhuhk uhuhk uhuhk..
i have a test tomorrow..which carries 25% of my grade..but I can feel the strong resistance to open my book(s) and start studying.. urgh..fcuk it..i'm outta here..till then..~toodles!


Yana said...

I can't believe we're halfway done with the semester. Spring break is just around the corner, after that is about 8 more weeks of school. Huwaaaaa!!! Takyah la balik Dayang.. amik la kelas lagi time summer..huhuhu. Don't want this 'era' to end. Isk isk.

dedek_ngegeh said...

ala yana..terharu nyee..xpe2..bile da abes kelas+finals nnt kite spend time slalu2 together-gether k?? x kemane nye sedeyhla kan..aduh..cane nieh??!! tissue plis..