Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back in SkewL

I have 7 weeks left in school. Yes, 7 weeks (excluding this week, I think!). hehe.. so things are gonna get hectic around here..school work, studying for final exams (yea right!), projects and such. Hopefully everything will go well as planned.

My spring break..it was fun. Have had my lovely girls around me..almost at all times during the break..and of course we came up with something crazy, spontaneous and wild (erk, wild? not so true! LOL!)..so after few days "hybernating" in Kunod's apartment, we thought..

"Hey, let's not stay here for the whole break..let's go outside of State College!!"

After some discussion and a lot of thinking..we decided to go to DC..(yeay?) This time, just the girls! Yea..we've been there before..but it doesn't hurt to just go again and find some valuable time outside our beloved town, State College.

Hm..pictures..erm..okay..I'll just post one of them..since i don't know what else to say..and how else to explain our simple yet enjoyable little trip..heh..

That's us, at CikWan's home's neighborhood.Peaceful,with lotsa cool houses..i like!!

It'll be hard for me to go online these days..FYI. I am currently computerless..do not ask me why..just stuff..ain't that sad? My loyal companion now? TV. Period.

I miss home..Till then..toodles!


chubbyCHAN said...

wooooohhh...patut la lama menghilang :)

nadia ramli said...

dedek..aku dah tuka link...ahahah
ok....change of address ok.ahaha...suke2..

Anonymous said...

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