Monday, February 20, 2006

A Weekend in the Lala Land

Weekend is over..and it was SUPER FUN!!! I turned 23..sob sob..but after spending some time..erk..and money with my lovely girls, turning 23 is like the best thing EVER.

Started with a Friday night dinner. No, no, not the Gilmore Friday night dinner but it's the Girls' Friday Night dinner. Both Daju and I have had our b-day last Saturday, so, as a mode of celebration (I guess) we all went out for a nice, lovely and descent dinner. Although Sarah and the gang were not there (another sob sob) but overall it was really nice to be appreciated by a bunch of people here in State College. Knowing that this is the last year celebrating my b-day here, I felt so blessed to get spend the night with the people that I really2 care about. Thanx u guys!

That's us, at Chilli's with Izzawan-behind the camera!

I had my little surprise b-day gathering after dinner with the people that I really really enjoy being with. Had my b-day cake and all..most importantly, I HAD THE BEST TIME!!!

Next day, another surprise..I guess for this specific surprise, pictures do speak better than here comes..
Thanx Nard for the decorations on my door! Big, big surprise..and I LOVED IT!

My actual b-day was in fact the peak of the weekend for me and the other girls, I think. I get to go to a place that I call "The Lala Land" and do the one thing that I am very very good at..SHOPPING! Along with that, I also get to spend some precious and exciting time with the "most-est" fun girls; Nard, Am and Yana and with the guys; Hubby, Chi and Megat. We drove up to New York to the Woodbury Premium Outlet for some shopping and had some great times, just the 7 of us. Well, I definitely can't put those good times in words, but again, the pictures will summarize the whole mini-trip we had!

Yes, we look so very excited to spend our dollars $$$

The lovebirds..breakfast at Perkin's

Megat, Chi and food?

Hm..reading? NOT!


After breakfast, we drove some more..and there we were... So no, we don't have any pictures of us shopping, but we DO have a picture of us after the whole fun, exciting experience!

do NOT ask me about the bags..not all of them are mine..hehe..

Good time? Good deals? You BET!!

Now, I'm back in State College..moving on to the real thanx to everyone..for the wish, cards, e-cards, gifts and thoughts..they really mean the world to me.

Specially for Hubby, the girls, Chi and Megat..



Yana said...

Well having birthdays to remember is one of the perks of being the 'President' la kan.. huhuhu

am said...

sukaaaaa birthday dayang....hehehe...

megat said...

wow ade nama megat dalam blog ni tahniah!! anda seorang yg cool!!