Thursday, February 16, 2006

BUMMER!!! my week is officially spoilt by that freaking hard quiz. Don't blame me!!! I studied freakin' hard for it and still I couldn't answer the freakin' questions and it will be returned on freakin' Friday!! (hey..Freaky friday..sounds familiar..owh yea..the movie..o well)

So basically, I am so pissed right now, but I won't let it spoil my weekend. Crossing my fingers for that! heh..I have so much to do right now but I just thought that I can drop off some words and thoughts in here for a bit. At least this way, I can totally get over the freakin' quiz and move on..I guess..

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, the day where most girls walk around with roses in their hands or bags..heh..I did not intend to celebrate it but I sorta celebrate it indirectly when I received 2 roses (one white and one red), a box of chocolate, a rose-shaped chocolate, a heart-shaped candy and a valentine's card. No, not all of them from Hubby. Surprise, surprise..!

Hm..i gtg..i have so much shit to do..URGH!!! Can't wait for the week to be over.

It's not too late to wish all my blog readers (if any),

A dozen of roses just for you..

p/s: word of the day = freakin'


chubbyCHAN said...

roses and chocolates??bestnye...i just bought myself a snickers on that day..considered coklat la gak kan kan..

dedek_ngegeh said...

hehe..ler..tunggu v-day next yr..aa time tuh "abang" da balik..musti spesel punye..!!