Saturday, February 11, 2006

Slacking off

Crying your eyes out does make you feel a LOT better the next morning. I finally agree with Nard's entry on her blog couple weeks back but as a result of agreeing with Nard, I skipped my one and only class this morning.

What I learn from my "full-of drama" night:
I can tell myself OVER & OVER of how independent and strong I am..but the truth is.. inside, I am still my mom's little baby and I will always be..

From now on, I don't care what anybody thinks about me..
Jerks, call me selfish, call me SNOB..
As long as I have the support and blessings from Him, my mom, Hubby and my loyal friends,
I can live my life..without regrets!!

p/s: i just learned how to add some formating to my weird is that?

1 comment:

nad said...

hehe...u will always have my support no matter what.even if u want to kembangkan bisnes jarum..LOL..abaikan yang x patut.we rawks!!..ahaha..tak pasal2 je