Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Favorite Month is BACK!

comel kan budak ni?

oh well. there ARE reasons why this month is SO VERY special.
1. Shortest month, therefore...
2. Less expanses, but towards the end..
3. We get profit i can..
4. Pamper myself by shopping..for..
5. My BDAY GIFT...coz..
6. I'll have my BIRTHDAY coming up..yay!

ahaha.. so now we know why February is special..kan kan kan? oh! many2 plans made already..
1. CNY - gi Bandung. (yes, i love vacation OK!)
2. My Bday - up to Hubby to plan..(hint hint)
3. Our bestfriends wedding. Bride-2-be is my friend, Groom-2-be is Hubby's friend..and they both my wedding in Kuching! cool huh?
4. Balik Kuching for MaulidurRasul! yay!

right. enuff with the list. i am just going to enjoy the much as i can. *wink wink*
til then, toodles!

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