Friday, January 29, 2010

new yr, new home, new baby (almost)

oopps.. yerp. that's right. almost. lost it at early stage. hm. come to think of it, maybe there are blessings in disguise behind the unfortunate incident. true?

so. a lot have happened. hubby and i have moved to our new home last Xmas. new yr celebration, we went to Cameron..mid Jan, we lost the baby. it was supposed to be 8 weeks. but well, we're pulling the trigger "PLEASE TRY AGAIN"

right. January is almost over. Here comes February. as always. older. wiser (maybe). clock is ticking, and i just hope the ONE question stops coming in.. (if you know what i mean..)

alright. for now. let's enjoy some pics for personal happiness. Yee Har!

Cameron Highlands

Random pics of the cutie-pies

Home Sweet Home

2 comments: said...

hi...bila nk jemput akak dtg umah baru ni?

dedek_ngegeh said...

kak jamilah??? hehe. x pernah tau pon ade orang menziarahi blog saye ni. insyaAllah bile ade rezeki saye buat get together kecil2an OK?