Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I don't know how to start..but I am very sure that something is bothering me at this moment. Hm..let me just put it this way. Humans are unpredictable. At one point, YOU would be badmouthing about some other people's behavior, trying to convince people around YOU that the other person is doing something wrong, illegal or just..not right. Then, one day, without even noticing it..YOU are doing the same exact "not-right" thing.. contradicting what YOU said earlier. Perhaps, it's nothing new, just some human nature..right? Does this sound familiar at all?

Forgive me for thinking out loud, but it's been bothering's on top of my this, when I am alone in Yana's apartment, at 11pm on Tueday night.

Bottom line, nobody can stop talking badly about anybody behind their back including myself. Nobody's perfect. Maybe, at this point, somebody is enthusiastically criticizing about me.. WALLAHU'ALAM.. But, what do I care? Huh? That won't kill me..will it?

As a reminder for me..and any of YOU out there, before YOU or ANYBODY or MYSELF start criticizing about anybody at all, let's just think more than once, because YOU'LL never know if YOU happen to do the same exact thing in the future..without even realizing it..

Urgh! Craving for some ice-cream.. o wait, I have a 'half-gallon Cookies and Cream flavored' ice-cream in the

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nad said...

dedek...selamat gi sekolah esok..ahahah..saje je gatai